Anger Management Homestudy

Anger Management Homestudy

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Anger Management Homestudy
And On-line Continuing Education Course
For Professional Addiction and Mental Health Counselors and Educators

We offer a home-study continuing education course in Anger Management to the licensed and certified addictions and mental health professional community who are seeking additional insights and techniques for dealing with the anger of their clients. Please check with your local state board for acceptance guidelines for CEU's. Non-professional caregivers, parents and interested others are welcome to take the training and will receive a certificate of completion in lieu of CEU's.

Here's How It Works
(1) The complete Homestudy Program is mailed to you following your online registration and fee payment. (2) Finish the easy post test (open book) and complete the course evaluation form and return them in the provided envelope. (3) Your Certificate and CEU's award is mailed the same day we receive the post test and evaluation form! Certification can be also faxed or e-mailed for even faster turnaround time!

This detailed course is designed to demonstrate the importance of understanding anger as the underlying and active factor in anti-social behavior such as battering, substance abuse, gang banging, runaway syndrome, chronic hostility and intermittent Explosive disorder, impulsive acts of violence and many other forms of negative destructive behavior. Caregivers and counseling professionals are provided with a broad base of knowledge specific to basic anger management techniques and the psychology of Anger.

This course presents a programmed learning module in the area of the Psychology and psychodynamics' of Anger and is applicable to counselors in both inpatient or outpatient settings. The 8 CD set will focus on understanding those areas of Ego-Psychology that shapes the emotional styles and their implications for counselors dealing with angry and aggressive clients.


  1. Students will examine his/her own anger management skills as a prerequisite to helping their clients towards emotional competence.
  2. Students will understand the key terms and definitions of the five (5) fundamental states and forms of anger.
  3. Students will learn how to replace client's current negative methods of dealing with their anger and replace them with more appropriate and effective methods.
  4. Learn how to use an anger event as an opportunity to convert self-contempt into Self-respect.
  5. Understanding the role of negative attitudes/context/behavior in rehabilitative and regenerative process.
  6. Understanding the "yoga" of anger management and the mental practices associated with it.


COST: $195.00