Managing and Coping with "Female Drama" (for Men) (DVD)

In this powerful workshop, Dr. Ingram fully explores and frankly discusses with a diverse group of men how to effectively manage and cope with "Female Drama" in their marriage or intimate relationships with women in a psychologically healthy and NON-VIOLENT way ... like a "real" man.

Managing and Coping with Angry Students (DVD)

Teachers are human beings too. And naturally, they will get angry with their students from time to time. The “problem” is not anger; the problem is the misuse or mismanagement of anger! Anger is a natural and legitimate emotion. Its function in human behavior is to “alert”(warn) us when it is crucial (and necessary) to act in our own best interest. But, when we don’t know how to “control” it, it controls us and we become consumed by its destructive urges.

Managing and Coping with Personal Problems (DVD)

The inherent nature of life and human existence is one of continuous struggle and change. An endless flux of cycles of pain and pleasure; of sorrow only temporarily interrupted by briefs moments of happiness and satisfaction. And as a consequence of all of this, the usual man and woman tend to experience life as an endless flow of “problems”, full of struggle and stress, frustration, confusion, anger, fear, pain, depression and chronic unhappiness.

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