Dealing with Conflict and Anger in Personal Relationships

Dealing with Conflict and Anger in Personal Relationships

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Effective strategies and techniques for overcoming personal suffering

The inherent nature of life and human existence is one of continuous struggle and change. An endless flux of cycles of pain and pleasure; of sorrow only temporarily interrupted by briefs moments of happiness and satisfaction. And as a consequence of all of this, the usual man and woman tend to experience life as an endless flow of “problems”, full of struggle and stress, frustration, confusion, anger, fear, pain, depression and chronic unhappiness.

Over the course of time, we tend to develop a kind of “problem based psychology” (and mind-set) in which life (the world and others) tends to become seen as nothing but “problems” to somehow be overcome. Thus, conventional psychology, religion and therapies tends to function merely as different means (and strategies) aimed at helping us to manage, overcome and hopefully “eliminate” our problems of pain, suffering, confusion and so on. Hence, the endless search for salvation in the form of these things. But, according to Dr. Ingram, we must first “understand” (and then transcend) our habitual tendency to operate out of a “problem mind-set” and level of consciousness.

Most people perceive the biggest “problems” in life to be their “relationship” with other human beings; with their spouse, children, relatives, co-workers and other people in general. In this exciting video seminar, Dr. Ingram will address all of these common “misperception” (and illusions) about the “external” source of our problems being the “other”. You will discover that “happiness” is not the elimination (or avoidance) of the “problems” we are having with “others”. But rather, you will come to plainly “see” that “real” happiness is based on a radical understanding of the process of human attention (and training) and its relation to the “happy” experience of life, others and self. Quite simply put, “happiness” exists within and all “problems” are the result of looking for it outside of your own “Self”.

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