Managing and Coping with The Male Ego (for Women)

In this rare and unique workshop, Dr. Ingram openly discusses the "male ego" with an all female group and explores - in detail - the role that the mismanagement of the "male ego" plays in domestic violence and in failed marriages and relationships with men.

Managing Anger in Relationships

Live recorded sessions on managing all five objects of anger. Comprehensive and in-depth examination of non-violent and healthy techniques for effectively dealing with the anger challenges inherent in all intimate relationships.

The Facts About Anger

Dr. Ingram provides a comprehensive overview of Anger Management/Psychotherapy in simple and clear language which can serve as an excellent aid for clinicians to use with their clients or as an excellent source of information (and a tool) for those seeking to deal with their anger issues on their own.

Who Am I?

A workshop and lecture on the nature and anatomy of Ego with detailed strategies to overcome the various forms of ego-disorders that predisposes us to mismanage our anger, lust, greed and the inordinate attachment to people and things. A must for anyone serious about happiness and peace of mind.

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