Managing and Coping with Anger in the Workplace

Managing and Coping with Anger in the Workplace

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Anger and violent conflicts at the worksite has become one of Corporate America's biggest problems. Every day, literally thousands of employees are killing and maiming each other as a result of their mismangaged anger and rage. Many more thousands of "innocent" bystanders/ co-workers are also hurt or killed in the process. Many managers and bosses are losing their lives each year through the violent actions of disgruntled employees. In today's workplace, you can easily be hurt or lose your life if you don't know how to manage your anger and the anger of your co-workers.

Part of the problem fueling anger and violence at the worksite is that many people have attitudes about themselves, about others and about life that predispose them to behave in ways that are irrational and detrimental towards others. They are "culturally incompetent". They are not open to other people ways of seeing, doing and understanding things. They lack information about other people beliefs, values and practices and are unable to "dialogue" about their differences when conflicts arise, making positive cooperation difficult, sometimes impossible. This kind of cultural incompetence is often perceived as disrespect by the other and triggers their anger and its violent consequences.

I have found that most of the inter-employee problems, manager/employee problems and violent conflicts on the job, arise out of this negative context of cultural ignorance. When co-workers, managers and employees learn how to make the transition from their mistaken or uninformed attitudes and expectations of others to more appropriate ones, their lives at work take on new meaning and purpose.