A Course in Marriage

A Course in Marriage

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Welcome to our Marriage Prep Course. We hope it will be fun, enlightening and practical in the real world. We hope it will help you solve the problems of every day life together. We hope it will prevent many of these problems from arising in the first place!

We all know why we need better preparation for the task of marriage:

  • to improve our chances of staying together
  • to improve our chances of being happy and successful in our relationship
  • to make the most of this opportunity to find fulfillment as a person and as a partner in this most important life task
  • to help our children avoid some of the difficulties we encountered as a direct consequence of our parents' lack of information and education in this key aspect of human existence

The absurdity of it all
The enemy of our relationship is not hate. It is anger. Specifically, it is out of control, mismanaged anger. Anger is a legitimate part of the human condition. It needs to be managed just like anything else, but how can we hope to manage it if we do not know the terms, the process, and components, the options, the consequences, or the pitfalls that are a part of the Science of Anger Management?

It's absurd when two lovers fight with each other. They are hurting each other when they could be making each other (and themselves) happy. It doesn't make sense. Why do they keep doing it?

Learn these concepts and more that will aid you to identify and solve relationship problems.