The Angry Spouse

The number one cause of the failure and breakdown in marriages and other close, intimate relationships is the inability to resolve conflicts with the other person. "Conflicts" with your spouse (or intimate other) is "inherent" in marriage. Why? Because, each person has his or her own vision of life; their own dreams and ambitions for how they want their lives to unfold. This is not the problem. The "problem" is that their dreams and ambitions are bound to "clash" with yours. Their dreams and hopes cannot be "exactly" the same as yours because each of you are a unique "individual". Hence, the conflicts we have in our relationship with our spouse are inherent and inevitable.

For the spouse with no skills to manage his or her anger and to resolve conflicts, "you" will always seem like the "problem". There will always be a "battle" to dominate and control you. Indeed, we have all seen - some of us firsthand - the terrible and destructive consequences of the violence that mismanaged anger have in our relationships. At the Anger Institute, we have also seen how quickly damaged relationships between spouses can be repaired (and emotionally reversed) when the angry spouse is given the right tools and right insights to effectively manage their anger and upset.

If you are in relationship with an angry husband or wife, there is something you can do to help restore love and mutual respect in your relationship. Set up a personal counseling session (by phone or in person) for them so that they made acquire the skills to manage their anger and bring their (and your own) emotional suffering to an end before it's to late and your marriage end in failure and divorce...or worse.

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