Teacher's Workshop

Workshop Topic: Managing and Coping with the Anger of Students; Helping Students Manage Their Anger More Effectively

Professional Training for Teachers and Education Professionals
Every year, there are thousands of new students entering the public school system who have been reared in a moral vacuum and begin school, with problems of anger, self-contempt and character disorders. Some of these children were victimized psychologically and emotionally by parents who were morally incompetent and inadequately prepared to cope with the tasks of parenting. Some were victimized by tragedies such as sexual and physical abuse. These children, like thousands of others already in the system, took their victimization as an invalidation of their own personal worth and value as a human being.

This "anything goes" morality of their home environments confronts the child with a deep moral dilemma as they emerge into the wider world--a confrontation with rules and regulations that contradicts the immoral training and example (or lack thereof) they received at home. These children find themselves suddenly in a world where they do not know right from wrong! A whole generation of children are growing up in this kind of moral vacuum, a valueless kind of parenting that says whatever you think is right IS right! There is so little moral education given in the home, where it should be, that today's Education Professionals have to provide a moral foundation for such students.

Unless educationally intervened, these children will carry the scars of their invalidation and moral damage throughout their WHOLE life! Their rage and absence of moral conscience is not only the underlying and active factor in their lack of academic achievement, but is also the underlying factor in their anti-social and violent behavior such as gang banging, drug use and selling, sexual promiscuity, crime and so on. Teachers and other Education Professionals need to understand that these kind of students negative and destructive behavior exists within the context of their anger and lack of character.

Problem students (and adults) behave in ways that are always consistent with their underlying convictions of worthlessness (self-contempt) and the absence of critical consciousness (moral thinking). We often feel that these troubled and angry young people are simply not motivated. The truth is that they have been VERY STRONGLY motivated by their circumstances to FAIL in life! Success as a failure is better than no success at all! When these victimized and morally abused young people are taught how to manage their rage appropriately, they begin to respect themselves and automatically develop character! This kind of self respect, which includes--character, values, self-esteem, morality and motivation--cannot be taught by videotapes and field trips to museums or to the county jail!

Their negative and destructive behavior such as dropping out, insubordination and rebellion and so on, are all derivatives of the anger of self-contempt and their lack of character. When these young people self-respect and conscience is restored through Anger Management training and character education, they cease to feel powerless, inferior and irresponsible towards others. As is true of much in education, everything eventually comes down to the quality of the individual teacher. Teachers, Counselors and Education Professionals cannot intervene and effectively deal with such students unless they have a competence in the areas of Character Education and Anger Management. Teachers, Counselors and Education Professionals cannot intervene and effectively deal with such students unless they have a competence in these areas of Character Education and Anger Management.

A final review will be administered after workshop completion covering the main concepts and relevant terminology as well as a review of the practical application of training to field and classroom situation.

Training is conducted on (or off) location.

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